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2875 Idlewild Drive Unit 9
Reno, NV, 89509

The Community Grower

When you step inside Nate's garden, you step into a labor of love.

He has been experimenting inside his family’s 1.2-acre plot of land for 7 years. Previously covered by lawn, the grounds are now home to berry bushes, medicinal herbs, hens, a clay oven, and earthen structure. The dynamic lay of the land, although wild looking, maintains an intentional layout attributed to permaculture practices Nate utilizes in his design.

Permaculture is a way of intentionally practicing what we know about social and natural ecosystems in the design of a landscape. If you ask Nate, he sees himself as an artist whose medium is the natural world; collecting seed for the garden from the garden and from other nurseries from around the country that share Reno’s climate. He also makes use of the vast array of edible fruits and herbs; drying alfalfa leaves for tea, throwing the stinging Nettle into salads, and cooking heirloom tomatoes in stews to simmer over night in the clay oven.

While walking around, he’d often pluck a berry for us to taste, happily enjoying our reaction to every bite.

Throughout the garden are opportunities for people to sit around in front of the clay oven, rest along the garden paths, and meet in an area of the garden Nate refers to as the "story house". 

Community is interwoven into every piece of the garden. Weekly working groups meet to maintain the land, a neighbor gathers eggs in exchange for helping with the hens, and structures built by the hands of many makes for quaint and warm gathering spots. Every piece of the garden offers an opportunity to work with other kindred spirits to steward a sustainable landscape.