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The Meditating Scientists

By day, Barbara and David share the same floor of the Desert Research Institute each making significant headway in the fields of atmospheric science. By night, these two humans transform into conduits of energy making headway on the spiritual frontier.

“I put my question out there to the Universe, and it comes back to me with an answer,” David says, speaking of both work and spiritual-related issues.

To be clear, these two do not see their professional world and spiritual world as mutually exclusive. In fact, spiritual growth can better inform our work places.

“Back then we used to meditate in a closet,” Barbara chuckles as she talks about the growing support of intuitive conditioning methods like meditation within the scientific community.

As our world confronts new challenges related to both environmental and social issues, we can often feel helpless or apathetic in the fight to meet these challenges. However, the spiritual element of sustainability can open up the world of abundance and possibilities, and positively shift our perspective.

David speaks directly to the act of developing our spirituality as going hand-in-hand with sustainability by increasing collective consciousness.  

How do they increase consciousness you may ask?

To properly address this question, we joined Barbara and David in a meditation room at Silver City Satyachetana Ashram in Silver City, NV, where we hear chanting, see anywhere from 7-10 of Barbara and David’s fellow regular yogis meditating, and catch a whiff of the sweet, warming scent of chai brewing in the kitchen.

Barbara and David have been visiting the Silver City Satyachetana Ashram since ’95, and been integral members peacefully developing the property and their spiritual toolkits. The duo focus on the theory that moving away from fear-based reactions and building vital energy from within can divert over-consumptive behaviors that lead to natural resource depletion. Their larger vision is that through mindfulness exercises “our actions will reflect more wisdom and society will advance in accordance with greater awareness.”