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The Mindful Chef

Tim Meevasin opens his hatchback, and shows us his knives.

As we twirl around the shiny metal, reflective in the morning sun, attached to a 3-woodgrain handle we admire it as a thing of true beauty.

“You ready to go?” Tim asks.

As we enter the Raley’s on 7th and Keystone, the first stop is the organic fruits and veggies section that takes up an entire aisle. Tim and his wife immediately divide and conquer, and he asks us our thoughts on the food label “Organic”.

A couple years ago, he began his personal chef business, cooking privately for clients who maintain busy schedules but desire healthy and fresh food. Whenever possible, Tim chooses ingredients from farmers markets and grocery stores with an organic section that source food from local or neighboring states. Realistically, this is how we all shop, often not having the luxury to shop entirely at farmers markets or coops or time to tend personal gardens. However, mainstream businesses such as Costco and Raley’s are responding to customers demanding to know the backstory of their food.

When Tim moved to Reno from Las Vegas, he began to take an interest in rock climbing and biking, but found he could get more juice for the squeeze if he also changed what he put into his body. From his perspective, healthy and sustainable food choices were a natural progression to helping both himself and others more optimally meet their lifestyle goals. Sustainable food choices = Sustainable humans, get it?

Pulling into the driveway of Sierra Water Gardens, his first client of the day, we all chip in unloading Tim’s “power packed” truck. His business is truly a full service meal provider from the shopping to the cooking to the reusable containers and cleanup. He totes along his own spices, pots, pans, cleaning supplies, cutlery, and oils to always be prepared for any kitchen. On the menu for today is a BBQ Meatloaf, Egg Scramble, and Thai Curry Chicken.

Tim’s warm and enthusiastic demeanor is a welcome energy for any kitchen, and it is hard to imagine he could ever have a bad day on the job. Bubbling with excitement, he begins to engage us with a bit of his food philosophy while prepping the vegetables. He mentions sneaking veggies into what he facetiously refers to as the “manlyloaf”, which results in a moister and healthier dish. He avoids using products with refined sugar and other synthesized ingredients saying that properly cooked food always trumps those additives. The most important part always being the fresh ingredients.

Good smells begin wafting from the stove as he and his wife pleasantly bustle around the kitchen methodically moving from one step to the next often without much back and forth conversation about the process. This makes it is easy for Tim to communicate what he is doing, interact with the client, and make the meals simultaneously. It is no surprise that his food seamlessly maintains the same quality and care that he treats others.

Now that calls for coming back for seconds.