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2875 Idlewild Drive Unit 9
Reno, NV, 89509

The Vibrant Builder

Craig Johnson’s work speaks for itself, but his personality adds a lot to the total package, too. The former graphic design head creates stunning industrial furniture from his Nevada City studio, which seems like stepping into a different world altogether. From sourcing the materials, to the design and creation and labeling, he’s got the whole business under his workman’s thumb from start to finish.

Bustling around a space of what looks to the untrained eye, a scrap yard, he transforms these items into masterfully reclaimed pieces without consuming new resources. Features like flexibility and movement, hidden compartments for storage, and keys that turn light switches on and off adds extra points for craftsmanship.

Everywhere we go, there are opportunities to see, touch, and smell different stages of furniture making.  Sprinkling the yard are half started projects that he picks up and puts down at different points in time. His eyes twinkle with the light of a thousand simultaneous ideas, and mentions that working with his hands allows him to focus that energy through his pieces.

Recounting the earlier part of his career as a design giant, he mentions the upkeep in maintaining a certain personal look within the industry. He cups his hair, poofs it out, and chuckles saying that he now feels “comfy”. Indeed the space has personal feel good touches like a surf board, picture of his granddaughter, meaningful memorabilia, and the occasional wildlife that passes by to say, “Hello”.

Throughout our time spent with Craig, he seems totally present with his materials and talks about reclaimed barn wood and fallen redwood bark as something magical and full of beauty. His contagious energy about the re-used elements involved brings just the right amount of respect to his work that manifests itself through his sustainable furniture.