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Water-Wise Challenge

 “We’ve added a rain barrel, removed all the decomposed granite in the yard where the water might cause it to run into the storm drains and changed laundry and dish washing detergent. We now use one side of the sink and fill it with water as opposed to running the water as we do dishes, and adopted the yellow mellow brown down philosophy.” Jeanna Adams (@jeannaadams) and her husband worked with our Water-Wise Sustainability Expert to reduce overall pollutants that make it into sewer along with decreasing their water consumption at home.



  • prevented 32oz. of chemicals from entering our water systems

  • collected 65 Gallons of water through 1 rain barrel

  • ~30 gallons of water saved by filling up one side of the sink

  • 3.6 gallons of water saved per flush avoided

~3,700 gallons of water saved* = 91 loads of laundry worth ~104 Pounds of CHemicals diverted from entering our water systems

*if practiced for a year